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COVID-19 and Your Event

We are living through unprecedented times. Covid-19. Social distance. PPE. Virtual events. Fever Detection.


Would you leave home without a GPS if you were embarking on a road trip somewhere you have never been? If not, why would you risk the success of your event? Let PC  Event Services help you navigate your future live events. 


Our Pros can help you answer questions such as:


How do we adjust our venue to meet government guidelines?


What are the operational adjustments necessary to have an event?


How do we develop a decision process for “go” or “no go”?


If I cancel my event, what options do I have in place of refunding all attendees?


… and all of the questions you don’t know you have yet.

Wanting to do more to stop the spread of infection? Check out our friends at Lookout Labs for the latest in touch-less fever detection. Receive an automated alert the moment a fever is detected by the camera system when someone enters your business or event.

Lookout Laboratories

Need more details? 

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